Common Mode Chokes / Storage Chokes / High Stability Chokes

Common Mode Chokes / Storage Chokes / High Stability Chokes

Decknetics is proud to present its wide range of common mode chokes to support the reduction of common mode noise on switch mode power supplies or digital signals. Our team of accomplished engineers can design custom common mode chokes for filtering supply lines having in-phase signals of equal amplitude, attenuate EMI noise in systems or DC/DC converters. Decknetics supplies different range of high efficiency storage chokes which can be designed with MPP cores for excellent efficiency and field modulation when used as loading coils for energy storage or FE-Based amorphous allow cores which allows high flux density and low core loss.


Closed Magnetic Path offers superior performance, Low cost with the use of EE cores, Broad frequency attenuation, Low Losses at high frequencies.


Switching Power Supply input Circuits, Line, SMPS, EMI Filters, Telecommunications Equipment, High current ratings, Office Equipment.