Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers

Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers

Decknetics manufactures a comprehensive range of Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers with different topologies such as flyback, push pull and control transformers with different switching frequencies. Our wide range of SMPS transformer formats include RM, EE/EF, EFD/EVD, EI, EP, ER, ETD, P, PT, PTS, PQ, U and Toroidal cores with various winding construction such as litz wire, heavy duty copper, triple insulated wire and different insulation tapes.

Features :

Withstands Reflow Soldering, Low Profile, Small Footprint.

Applications :

Use with Power Supply ICs, Low Power Bias Supplies, Gate Drive Transformer, Isolated Pulse and Signal Transformers, DC/DC and AC/DC Converters.

Types :

1. Flyback.
2. Drive.
3. Control Transformers.

FlyBack Transformers